engaged? alhamdulillah.


tho my engagement dah basi dah but i havent had a time to actually tell my story.
and now here i am, writing at 2am in the morning.

honestly, this was planned on last year's december.
well, of course we're planning to go slow as i'm only going to my 3rd year.
and i have like 4 more years to go.
and well, he's starting his h/o earlier next year or maybe by the end of this year.

to say that i had a romantic proposal, no.
but it was decent enough i guess.
the only thing he asked was "would your mom let if you were to marry before you graduate?"
and it was at Starbucks.
wow how romantic was that? -.-
hahaha. well what can i do right?

and many of you asked when will my wedding be held right?
who we'd love it to be held earlier but...
we're broke. and we plan not to use our parents' money that much.
we're the one getting married right? not our parents.
and insyaAllah it'll be held not-so-early next year :)
i'll inform you guys the details later <3

here are some of the engagement pictures (too bad my family was so busy with brother's wedding prep they didnt have time to take pictures with me :'( )

p/s : dont ask me why he was wearing exactly the same shade as i was, i was shocked as well.

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