budgets and guest list, just where the banana can i get money from?


haih, penat memikir.
i'm still a student. who depends solely on her scholarship,
ye lah. ayah stopped giving me allowances.
and now this marriage thing?
ya Allah, where the banana can i get money from? :3

ok but scratch that, duit boleh dicari insyaAllah.
everyone who knows me might know me as the "simple" type.
baju nak satu tone je.
either black or gray.
yes i'm boring! i know.
tengok lah the hantaran i gave him, macam tak nak bagi hantaran je. hahaha.
ok well, i like things simple.
and with that, i like my walimah to be as simple as it can be,
some close friends and family.
a small gathering where all can actually "appreciate" the wedding rather than the usual stop-makan-balik ritual.

but i know my parents wont like that,
i mean, i know if i were to do that, i'd be rude to the kampung citizens (apa nak buat, saya orang kampung)
and their friends.
but then again, this "kenduri" wasnt meant to be big.
there should never be pembaziran in the first place.
i dont want my parents to spend that much amount of money just to send their daughter off.
but i really dont know how to voice it out.
to be honest, i wont mind if there's no walimah at all.

the other problem is that, i came from a BIG family.
and my parents are both very sociable.
i really dont know how to narrow my guest list down. :(

any advice?


  1. babe, im sory if this wasnt a good advice..hehe..because im not married yet and still no fiance..

    after the massive kenduri and all that in my BIG family, the sisters are now become a puan and mummy, lots of lembu has be slaughtered, and when its become to my wedding's plan... they all look at me and ask" last sister got 6 khemah, then u what? how much? bigger?'

    haha.. and i slowly talk to my mum, and kadang2 bile basuh pinggan with her, still we chat about marriage and kenduri, i just said gurau2,." can my wedding be so simple? like just engage and nikah at the same day? and my wedding is just one tone, white? but im using all DIY, include my wedding dress and also, and maybe if its to0 borink, i'll add on some gold or beige to stunning it? can i? "

    and my mum said" wow, is that so simple? u gonna have that? senang nyee...."

    and dalam pada she said" taknak buat grand mcm kakak? taknak mix color of your wedding theme and so on..." bla.bla.bla..she just said " then, we just follow what u want... "

    BUTTT!! with their list of guest..hahah.seriusly, u can make it simple, but not the guest... just make them choose the guest, but u can simple it either way...your hantaran, ur pelamin, ur personal stuff, no katil kelamin and so mum and dad agreed with that...but the guest, still the kampung style la..hehe.. even my kakak's wedding, the guest is off limit to 4000 people that day sampai my mum pengsan tak larat..haha..

    wish u have a wonderfull and stunning wedding with simple deco but "wow".insyaAllah..try to talk first..

  2. jay~
    it's Me again!!
    i'm so so happy for you!!!
    like seriously!!!
    bace2 your story rase mcm nak kawen jugak.. hoho
    btw, tahniah la dh jadi tunang orang ek.
    semoga dipermudahkan urusan semua. :)
    pasal bajet,money and all tu jgn risau sgt la..
    insyaAllah byk mase lg nk ikhtiar ni.
    rezeki ade kat mane2 je..hihi

    recently balik summer ni i brought like 40 pieces of jubah arab tau.u know,yang macam colorful2 tu sbb ade org tempah..x tau plak ade org berminat..
    pastu i dapat untung like RM5++ tau..(and that was after bahagi dua keuntungan)hoho
    maybe u could try jugak jual2 cemtu..

    tu cadangan je la from my experience kan..x nk cube xpe..
    mybe u boleh try jual tudung mesir ke,jubah2 jugak ke memandangkan byk pemintaan org mlesia skrg ni..
    boleh la tambah duit ckit2 utk tampung bunga telur..hihi

    k jay,tu je la nk merepek.
    cant wait nk tgk u jd isteri org plak lepas ni.hihihi
    semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan ye! :)

  3. cindir-ela : i tried, but its like, impossible... i really did try :(

    Me : nak jugak jual jual ni, but im too lazy. lagi lagi sem baru ni ada azam nak start study, i was slacking the whole way. tapi insyaAllah, mana lah tahu i can make money from sewing clothes/ baking kan? :)

  4. eee..hajar!!

    agreed with your friend//bring in some jubah to be sell in malaysia..malaysian people cary about egypt style u know!!

    maybe this is not the time..its to early to talk to... :) just try harder ok! insyaAllah, u can do it!