i am grateful and i'm happy.


i was blinded by the greed for wealth and maybe fame.
i guess i overlooked the little things by my side,

for example, friends,
rich friend, poor friend, why do i even care?
what matter is, do they love me like i love them?
and yes, alhamdulillah, i'm blessed with good, loving friends, be it, rich or poor.
i've always wanted those pretty, super rich girlfriends.
but yeah, like i said, i overlooked whats right next to me.
and they are the ones who actually care, who actually matter.

i've always wanted to live other people's lives.
to me, my family was bad, upside down, inside out.
whatever there is.
but what i dont see is the fact that i have a hardworking, super patient mom.
my three supporting brothers, tho we quarrel every now and then.
and my superannoyingbutlifewouldbeboringwithout sister.
and honestly, how can i survive without them?
and plus my family is not as rich other families.
thats why i always envy other people.
but then again, a real muslim is never envious. he/she should be grateful of what he/she has.

and love,
why put my future in jeopardize for fame?
i used to think of early marriage as a step to fame and popularity.
but when it was my turn to do so. i hated my earlier thoughts.
love should never be a measure for fame and popularity.
love should always be a pure feeling that is of course, based on the love of Allah.
i just hope that Allah will bless my little steps to plant my own family root.

not only me, all of you should just stop, look around, and see what you're gonna miss if you're after wealth and popularity.
can you endure the loss of your love ones?
the loss of all the honest people around you?

be grateful of Allah's mercy, and His love.
be grateful over everything that you have.
say Alhamdulillah.

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