I sinned


"I sin, but that doesnt stop me from practicing Islam. Never make excuses, cause that is just for the weak" -Khairi Hashim

I sinned,
what did I do? well, that should be between me and Him.
but that should stay in my past.
May Allah forgive me, and all my sins.
be it, small or big.

and even if I sinned, doesnt mean that I should stop practicing Islam as a whole.
NO! your sin is a small part of your beliefs.
jangan rasa macam "aku dah tak pakai tudung, tak payah semayang lah, apa bezanya? dosa jugak"
NO! never think or come up with a conclusion like that.
orang pakai tudung, buang sampah merata rata, dosa jugak even if its just a small sin.
but that doesnt stop them from praying, that doesnt stop them from practicing Islam as a whole.
dosa tu, insyaAllah boleh repent dengan sejujur-jujur nya.
Allah itu maha pengampun lagi pengasih.

If it were not for Allah.s grace and mercy on you, and that Allah is Oft- Returning, full of Wisdom,- (Ye would be ruined indeed).

dont let your sins stop you, from exploring, embracing Islam :)

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