fundraising for Orphans' Day


so yesterday was the first of our  fundraising for Orphan's Day this coming 28th :)
I arrived there around 8,
we waited for quite awhile for the cupcakes to arrive,
plan pukul 10 start event,
but the cupcakes arrived a lil after 11.
so things went a bit hectic after that,
some of us had classes to attend and all.
but overall, it was great,
the egyptians are helpful,
it was nice to see them again. :)
we sold cute bracelets,
cake pieces,
we drew henna on people,
tasty drinks
and of course, cupcakes.

hari ni pon ada lagi fundraising event ni,
so hari ni semua datang lah beli in between classes :)
hari ni jay donate red velvet cupcakes :)
but tak berapa sedap sebab kita tukar ingredient sikit,
sebab nak buat banyak, so kena kurangkan budget sikit :|

(jay tak decorate sangat because i'm using cream cheese frostings, confirm cair under the hot sun nanti)

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