There is no real ending, It's just the place where you stop the story.


The place i first met my husband,
the place he first set his eyes on me,
the place i learnt about friendship,
the place, i used to call home.
it was, Alexandria.

"No!" i said to my mom before slamming my room's door when she first told me about Alexandria,
back then, before i knew that my SPM result was wrong,
I was forced to accept my parents decision, of where should i pursue my studies.
well of course, i couldnt possibly afford the college of my choice myself.
so I was thrown to a place called Alexandria.
honestly, i was never fond of that place.
Alexandria university was a bad move, it was a wrong move.
the university lacks facilities, it lacks extra curricular activities, just everything.
and the place was bad, run down houses were everywhere, and egyptian hygiene was just, 0 out of 10.
Them egyptians just cant seem to stop with their sexual harassments, with their fights,
they were endless.

i knew, at the end of my second year there, i had to try and get myself transferred.
so i started to pester around doctors, asking for my transfer documents,
but even after months of trying, and almost a dozen doctors i was referred to, i wasn't able to get my hands on my transfer papers.
i expected this, they were egyptians after all.
and then came the second big riot,
i was thrilled to see where it'd lead us.
and to my luck,
malaysia's university is now open for credit transfer, without having to repeat any pre-clinical years,
my mom applied me for MMMC, a medical college in Melaka,
and guess what? i got in.
i received my provisional offer letter way before KPT decides to open local Unis for us.
i was offered a fresh start on semester 5, which is the first semester for clinical practice in MMMC.
i guess, my cukup cukup makan result got me thru, Alhamdulillah.

husband "maybe the only reason you went to egypt was to meet me, and your friends, maybe you were meant to grad somewhere else in the world"

and so it begins, my new chapter in a new place,
i'll be heading to Manipal, India for a semester end of this month before coming back here to Malaysia.
i don't really know what to expect there,
i heard the facilities are great, the international hostel is awesome, the gym is also, awesome.
but then again, i'd have to see them for myself to believe.

and yes, husband stays.
can't possibly drag him around with me now can i?
tho i will miss my awesomely cute husband, and my two boys, this is what i need to do to stay closer to them!
better than not being able to see me for 3 years to come (if i were to continue my studies in alex)
i cant help that my choice revolves around my marriage,
what to do, im a married woman now.

I'll update more on my transfer later.
for now, toodles.

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