The day i became his wife.

i know cerita dah basi,
but only now i have the time to sit down and write my journey of becoming his wife.
yeah, im married, i know.
hard to brain right? im having a hard time as well.
the homesick, the responsibilities, just everything.
i was so busy with the wedding preparations,
i neglected some of the marriage preparations,
so its kind of hard for me, adjusting.
but having the best husband in life, makes everything better.
tho im lacking in so many areas, i never heard him complains of anything,
thank you sayang.
he comes back late at night from a whole day of work, isteri dia terkial kial dekat dapur.
he has to wake up 4/5am in the morning to get ready for work, isteri dia sedap tidur lagi.

oh and as for the wedding itself,
it was a simple occasion,
cant help the fact that im a very simple person.
but i enjoyed every moment of it.
and to those who made it happen,
only Allah knows how much i owe you guys,
and eventho im still studying, am glad that i get the chance of paying and handling my own wedding, with the help of mom of course.

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