the reason why people stray away. the exact reason why.

so i posted this picture of some random artist who apparently resembles me (as most say) as my dp on twitter,
it was a joke at first but then people start posting these mean indirect tweets, they start sending me these mean messages,

why are you guys so quick to judge?
first thing first, its not even me in the picture so you guys are just, making fun of yourself.
and second, what if i am the girl in the picture, still doesnt give you the permission to mock me in the way you guys did.
if you guys are better off, religiously, you guys should know better.

to those who genuinely care, yes thank you. i appreciate your thoughts,
but to those who bashed, without even asking me nothing. good for you.
this is exactly the reason why the ones lacking in islamic knowledge stray further.
exactly the reason why.

yes, i admit, im not the person who i was back when i tried to change,
i admit i was hasty back then, publicizing my so called "change"
my only reason was that it could stop me from going back to the old me.
but then again, i cant possibly help myself.
its not like i dont pray no more. i just feel stuffy, trying to meet people's expectations, especially with you people around.
but you know what, im proud of myself that i actually tried, doesnt mean i cant try again?
and no, even if i am who i am right now, it wont stop me from exploring or studying my own religion now does it?

dont put the verdict on someone, all you can do is guide them, and kalau nak tegur, you best ask for the truth first and yes, privately.

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