A note to hubby.


jeng jeng jeng.
so i'm officially a third year student at MMMC.
can't believe i'm leaving this new home for a new environment.
another chapter of life awaits.
i just started my new chapter less than 3 months ago,
cant believe its coming to an end this soon.

Dear Suami,
the one who is hard to wake.
the one with the cutest, comelest, gomolest tummy ever.
the one who i'd spend hours crapping to,
my morning hugs, my goodnight kisses.
I'm sorry that you married a small super comel me,
who apparently is still far from graduating.
and because of that, i'm forced to leave your side to continue my studies.
(well if i dont, you're just gonna have to buy me more bags, so this is better, i guess?)
dont forget to wear new undies every day,
dont forget to eat at least bread for breakfast,
dont forget to kiss the kids goodbye before going to work,
dont forget to take your socks before leaving for work,
behave while im gone (okay fine, this was supposed to be directed to me -.-)
dont be sick while im gone,
i kept all your medicine inside the reading table's drawer.
and the detergent refills, in the locker below the drawer.

please do give me a visit, no, better, surprise me!
i know we might have to cancel our honeymoon,
so maybe we can plan a new one? to Taj Mahal maybe?
and i'm gonna miss you, bad. really bad.

I love you,

(i know you'll open my blog once im in india, so here's something for you.)

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