India over husband :(


Manipal.... is fun.
tho i miss all the luxuries i had back in Egypt.
the malls, the cinemas, the outdoor games, the friends especially.
but i'm doing great here.
i'm more of a nerd here if compared to the jay i was back then.
I'm done with my first posting, and of course the end posting exam.
and now i'm in Karkala (which an hour away from Manipal) doing my Paeds posting.
i now have a room to myself (its not like i had to share back in egypt ke apa)
but yeah, at least i have akka cleaner to come and scrub everything twice a week.
we even have a dirt cheap laundry shop downstairs, which is soooo cool.
tho fruits here are not as tasty and cheap as the ones back in egypt :((
but books here are. and its so much easier getting international books here. which is great.

and and, the mango lassi. nyum.

and honestly, i miss waking up next to my comel suami and my 2 kids.
i miss waking up at 4 in the morning to prepare his breakfast and lunch box.
(tho i wake up every 3am india time just to wake him up for work)
but life has to go on.

we're both planning to reside in Melaka once i'm back for good.
lets just see how it goes.

oh and yeah, our "family moon" changed into a normal family trip.
only my family members went. and not us. sedih.
i'd die to shop in Milan :(((((
but have fun ya'll
satu bag please? nanti kaklang bayar monthly :p

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