Assalamualaikum and Haluuu Dunya!

so i just got back from Malaysia weee,
a short break it was,
3 weeks or so? but i enjoyed malaysia :)
it was hectic to be honest,
with all the things to settle, oh how i wish im a little kid with no responsibilities.
marriage preparation? entah lah.
there are times when i wish i can turn back time, and change my decision.
its not because i dont like this decision i made,
but because i wont be able to be mak's little girl anymore.

and Dubai was? well so so.
since i've been there a couple of times,
and i was already so broke when i got there, so i cant really shop the way i used to.

but now, here i am, in lousy egypt.
trying to get a grip of what GIT module is throwing at me.
honestly, because of the days i skipped, im kinda lost.
and i cant even get myself to focus in class, not even for extra revision back at home.
i will tho, insyaAllah.

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