Maintaining a good diet 101


i bet many girls are dying to cut off a few pounds.
if you're slightly overweight. you better do so.
but for most, i suggest you eat healthy and maintain a toned body.

i know im not really the one to talk about maintaining a toned body.
i cant even afford the gym lol.
so what i do is that i walk back and forth to class,
some light jog once or twice a week might also help.
for me, i dance. on my own tho. in my own room.
its so much faster to burn calories by dancing.

and as for diet,
to maintain a good body, you must have a good diet.
and by dieting doesnt mean that i forbid you from food of any sort.
for me,
i eat muesli or oat for breakfast, but nowadays pancake with fruit toppings (cause its so much cheaper)
but of course, jangan lah sampai 3 bowls of muesli pon tak cukup lagi.
and if i do eat bread(which im not really fond of), i usually eat the whole grain bread,
the ones with grains on top.
well, even 2 pieces of them can make me feel full all day long.
and please, please, stop eating bread with chocolate spread, i know its nice and all, i feel you.
but its simple sugar, you'll feel hungry again in less than an hour.
i usually eat my bread with an egg.

and as for lunch,
the normal lunch will do. but with loads of fresh veges lah (wash them properly!)
but i dont recommend deep frying your chicken/fish before you cook.
try boiling and steaming them.
tho it might not taste the same, but you'll get used to it.
or even better, roast them
but why roast?
first thing first, you can definitely remove the fat out.
and it retains some of the vitamin C (unlike boiling that will also boil the vitamins away)
there are also some other reason which i can seem to remember, i learnt all these in physiology class back when i was in first year.

and as for dinner, make 7pm as the latest you can take your dinner,
dont eat anything heavy after 7pm, just because.. lol
i usually eat fruits for my dessert.

and like i said, eat in moderation.
avoid snacking in between meals.
and if you do feel like snacking, make fruits as your snacks.
increase intake of fruits, they are indigestible fibres,
they will increase your volume of stool and of course, ease defecation.
i know i can eat them fruits all day long.

whatever it is, stay fit.
jog to a nearby kedai runcit instead of driving to one.
reduce intake of fast food, like seriously.
eat healthy, stay healthy :)

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