How i wish it was all a nightmare.


Last week, i decided to skip my classes for the whole day and sort myself out (hari hari nak sort myself out -.-)
i was so busy cleaning my room, bla bla bla, when i decided that i should go out to buy a pancake pan.
on my way back (i was walking obviously)
i heard tears of baby cats.
i started to panic,
i looked around and saw 5 kitten, stuck in a hot black glue.
Ya Allah who ever did that to them deserve to die, like seriously.
i held my tears, i went closer to take a look.

my heart sank when i saw the skin of almost all 5 kitties were all burnt and they were stuck on top of each other.
i can even see flesh of some, i guess they were struggling to set themselves free. and imagine the heat when the glue was first poured!
i tried scrapping the glue off when i realized 2 of them were already dead, squashed by the others.
i started crying really bad,
i realized there was not even a thing i can do.
i googled and called almost all the vet in Alexandria asking for euthanasia shot availability.
of course, none.
i cant believe not even one vet with euthanasia shots in egypt.
then this one vet i called gave me a number, she asked me to call that particular number.
turns out he's a vet who deals with black market drugs. thank god.

so i did, he was in a lecture.
i waited until he was done with his lecture and explained my situations,
it took him almost an hour to arrive (traffic that day was bad and he was from quite a far place)

while waiting, i went to nearby pharmacy asking for drugs that can be used for euthanasia in cats,
and of course, none available.
aisyah came to the place not long after that.
she helped me a lot.
i was crying so bad i couldnt even think properly.
and arabs, gosh how i wish they could just.. stop being the way they are.
some arab guys tried to pull the cats out (which makes the pain worse)
when i tried to explain that i called a doctor, they were like "what can a doctor possibly do?"
some even tried to cut the glue with knife and broken mirrors.
some even suggested to set the glue into fire which will obviously kill the cats in a worse manner.

i took a stand, well, by being the air head i already am,
i scolded almost every arab there.
i was like "no one, NOT A SINGLE PERSON, can touch the cats until the doctor arrive"
before the doctor's arrival, my hands, and the cats started to smell like bangkai.
so when the doctor arrive at the location, we rushed the doctor for the shots.
the doctor was like "you did the right thing, there was nothing else we can do"
thank god. the sufferings are over for them.
they were buried along with the box.

i have some picture but i cant possible post them up, it was a horror, i wish no one would go through.
i went back home relieved, that i took that particular day off. cant imagine if some arabs were the ones to handle the situation.

i wish i can study veterinary medicine if i have the chance to.

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  1. arab are heartless! the kittens are just cute animals,how could they do that to them.. :'(