i was independent, i will always be.

before meeting you,
i can always go grocery shopping by myself,
i was able to carry all the heavy bags myself.

but then you happened,

i admit, my burden is lessen with you around.
i didnt have to carry the heavy bags myself.
the 8kgs worth of cat foods and cat litter all by myself.
i can just ask everything yet you seem to know almost everything.

for 2 years, you were my google, my hands, my legs, my ear.

and now that you're gone,
im starting to feel the burden,
of having to do everything by myself.
of having to go thru the night alone to places.

its not that i cant do everything by myself,
its your presence im missing.

but like what i promised my family and yours,
im gonna be independent,
so we can both have our dream future.


  1. jay kenapa private twitter? :(

  2. anonymous : why arent you following me then? heh. well, i kinda need my privacy, im confused of myself these days.

  3. sebab saya xde twitter hehe, just suka tengok kawan2 punya je. pastu jay kan slalu post gambar kucing so cute!