of testosterone and status quo.

ok i promise this is the last one for today,

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im sorry but how can you have so little respect towards someone?
i mean, i dont even know the existence of any of you,
and yet, you have so many things to say about me behind my back?

i mean, please lah, we're no kids here,
since i came here, to egypt.
i've never once like how things roll around here.
how every smile has a double meaning,
how every word is twisted around.

to be honest, i tried not to care,
but like i said, the hormones took control.
ya Allah, what on earth did i do to you guys for me to be addressed in such manner?

i was not really a person who cares,
but this, is well, a bit too much.
i thought you guys know better, budak budak pandai lah katakan.

i just hope that one day, you guys can actually look back and feel sorry for yourself.

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  1. Jay bole bgtahu tak which bridal house Jay ambik pakej tunang?